Create a Working Minecraft Popcorn Machine

My favorite snack at a carnival is popcorn - it is salty, buttery, and fun to eat! The first thing I get when I walk through the gates (after my ride tickets) is a big popcorn.

So the first thing that I build when I make my own carnival, is the popcorn machine!

There are a lot of different kinds of popcorn machines that you could make. Some of them just look like popcorn machines, some of them actually look like they are popping popcorn!

Today I’m going to teach you how to make one that is functional - meaning it actually “pops popcorn”.

I recommend being in creative mode and getting your inventory ready with the following:

1 Stone Block

1 Wooden Button

1 Dispenser

1 Glass Block

1 Sign


1. Place the dispenser on the ground facing up. TIP: If you fly up and face down to place the dispenser, it will be facing up.

2. Place the glass block on top of the dispenser. TIP: You might have to build a scaffold to get the glass block on top of the dispenser, because if you right-click the dispenser, then it opens to allow you to put items inside of it.

3. Place two stone blocks next to the dispenser and glass block.

4. Place the sign on the top stone block, and write “Popcorn” in it.

5. Place the button on the bottom stone block.

6. Empty your inventory and put 576 pumpkin seeds inside of it. TIP: If you fill each slot in your inventory with 64 pumpkin seeds, you will have 576 popcorn seeds. To put 64 pumpkin seeds in one inventory slot, hold shift when you click from the inventory to place it in your slot.

7. Right-click on the dispenser, and place all of the pumpkin seeds in the dispenser.

8.Right-click the button and watch your popcorn pop!

Now that you know how to make a popcorn popper, try making it look nicer. Take a screenshot and post it on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook - Don’t forget to tag @thewecanzone and we might feature your design!

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