Links We Love

Hello We Can Zoners! Every week, we'll be celebrating Wednesdays with a "Links We Love" post to share some of the things we think you'd enjoy from all over the internet. And don't forget, we love your feedback - if you find something worth sharing, send it over to possibly be included in next week's post! Without further ado, here are this weeks links:

1. How a New York Times fashion critic uses technology on the job

2. An organization highlighting the creative side of coding by teaching girls to create art using code

3. Games to help teachers talk about immigration and refugees with their students

4. The 10 common challenges of game-based teaching

5. Why Minecraft is the video game your kids should be playing

And that's all for this Wednesday, folks. As always, we're so excited to hear from you in the comments or through social media! Stay creative, and happy #InternationalWomensDay to all of the amazing women and girls out there :) 

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