Meet Grace Hopper

We've been hard at work this past week on that special project related to people in computing that we were telling you about a while ago, so stay tuned for updates soon! In the meantime, we've got another superstar person from the history of computing to introduce you to this week: Grace Hopper. 

grace hopper.jpg

Grace was amazing for so many reasons, not the least of which was her position as a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy. In the 1900s, that was even more of a big deal for a woman than it is today - and she accomplished so much while holding that role! In 1944, she was one of the first programmers on the Harvard Mark 1 computer, which was similar in function to Charles Babbage's first mechanical computer, but could do a lot more. It was used heavily towards the end of World War II by the Manhattan Project team, to simulate what an atomic bomb explosion would look like.

She also created the first compiler, which is a computer program that allows you to execute another piece of code (read: do the tasks you want it to). Her work set the foundations for many high level programming languages to come, and she is honored to this day with one of the largest events in STEM: The Grace Hopper of Women in Computing. If you get a chance in the future, We Can Zoners, it's definitely an event to go to!  

Until next week - enjoy the last few days of April! 

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