Meet Charles Babbage

We hope you're having a terrific Tuesday, We Can Zoners! Over the past few weeks, you've met our amazing team members: Sarah, Tai, and Charu. From today onwards, we're going to continue that theme, but with a little twist: you'll get to "meet" cool figures from the computing world! Today's person is Charles Babbage, also known as a "father of the computer." 

While we could go on forever about how cool Charles was, and all the quirky things he did (hint: keep an eye out for an upcoming project we're working on!), his main accomplishment was building the Difference Engine. This was a machine that automatically solved math problems that previously only humans had been able to do. Why was this important? Well, when humans do math, they can make mistakes (while solving problems, while writing down the answers, etc.). That's totally fine, we're only human after all! But Charles saw this as a problem, so he decided to automate it, thereby creating one of the first "computers." 

If you're as excited as we are about Charles Babbage, make sure to stay tuned for that project we mentioned earlier :). In other news, this Tuesday we have a bonus person that we'd like to introduce you to! Dan Lenzen is a super cool teacher and innovator at a local San Diego school, who gets to work with awesome students every day, designing and building whatever projects they want! We got the opportunity to interview him a few days ago, and the interview will be up THIS THURSDAY on our YouTube channel, so make sure to go watch it in a couple days! 

We'll see you tomorrow for our latest Links We Love, but until then, have a great rest of your Tuesday and stay creative! 

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