Our Mission

Get Kids Excited About STEM

Whatever we put out into the world, be it a lesson plan or a book, our number one question is always "Are we excited about this?" It's simple - the best learning happens when kids are having fun - and if we're not excited about a product, we don't think kids will be either. We work with real students to test and develop our content and products, and to make sure that they're as stoked as we are. But don't forget, we're always looking for more feedback to be the best we can for you - so don't hesitate to reach out!

Always Be Learning

We're only human, so we definitely make mistakes as much as the next person. But one of our top priorities is to always be learning - from our failures, about fun, new technologies, and anything our community wants to share with us! 

Spread the Word

We admit, it's not always easy to talk about yourself. Instead, you can talk about us! Just kidding - but really, so much of what we do is dependent on the support of our amazing We Can Zone community. From parents and educators to the kids themselves, we look to the people who love our products and content to share it with the world. The more we grow, the more people we can help, and the cooler the things we can build become!