We Can is dedicated to offering high quality computer science teaching, curriculum, pedagogy, and professional development for all ages. If you're interested in any of this curriculum, or something that isn't here, feel free to checkout our consulting page, visit our educators page, or reach out at contact@thewecan.zone. 

Currently Teaching

UCSD Undergraduate Courses

EDS 114: Cognitive Development and Interactive Computing Environments - EDS

Professional Development

Computer Science Supplemental Authorization for California - UCSD Extension Online

Minecraft, Coding, and Teaching - edX - 2,600 Currently Enrolled

Previous Teaching and Curriculum Development and Potential Teaching

3rd - 8th Grade

Dr. Guthals has developed curriculum and taught over 3,000 local San Diego students in the following programming environments and languages:

  • Scratch: Video Games, Movies, Simulations
  • Leap Motion
  • MIT's App Inventor
  • Alice: Video Games, Movies, Simulations
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS
  • Arduino
  • Java

9th - 12th Grade

We Can has co-developed and taught a variety of courses for high school students, most notably is our work on the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course. 


We Can can offer advice and guidance on teaching a variety of undergraduate courses. Specifically, Dr. Guthals collaborated on the development and/or teaching of the following UCSD courses:

  • CSE 3. Fluency in Information Technology - Alice and Excel
  • CSE 8A. Introduction to Computer Science: Java I - Media Computation
  • CSE 8B. Introduction to Computer Science: Java II - Media Computation
  • CSE 11. Introduction to Computer Science and Object-Oriented Programming: Java
  • CSE 12. Basic Data Structures and Object-Oriented Design - Java, C, C++
  • CSE 30. Computer Organization and Systems Programming - C and SPARC Assembly
  • CSE 131. Compiler Construction - Java and SPARC Assembly
  • CSE 195. Teaching
  • CSE 599. Teaching Methods in Computer Science

Professional Development

Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles - In Person - Over 50 Educators Taught

LearnToMod for Educators - Coursera (No Longer Offered) - Over 2,500 Enrolled