Video Lecture with Quizzes

Coming from teaching in-person, my goal is to always provide a learning environment where students engage in activities that promote their own learning. This means that even when I teach asynchronously online I find ways to guide students through their own understanding. 

Though I typically like to keep my lectures short (3-5 minutes), sometimes there is information that I want my students to work through that might take longer. In this instance, I might employ an in-video quiz. On platforms like Coursera, this is embedded within the software. And when that embedding is not available to me, I put a pause in the video and ask my students to answer a question before proceeding. 

The purpose of in-video quizzes is to guide students through constant, formative testing of their knowledge. Roediger and Karpicke published on the positive effects of constant testing in long-term retention [1].

[1] Roediger, H. L. and Karpicke, J. D. 2006. "Test-Enhanced Learning". Psychological Science. Vol 17, No 3.